The tech that makes Swiggy tick — and what’s coming next​

Swiggy is the Uber Eats of India, a startup valued at $3bn, live in 100 cities, getting hangry customers food in a few clicks. This is a terrific read on the company and how they have managed to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Unlike most other food delivery apps who outsource the delivery side, and thus outsource their customer experience, Swiggy built their entire logistics team in house. With over 5,000 employees they can now get food delivered within 32 minutes, and have built a massive data and analytics team aiming to create the food graph - relationships between users and the foods they order that will drive better recommendations, faster order times and shorter delivery times. They are also now getting into retail, allowing customers to directly from Swiggy. For anyone interested in logistics, commerce or customer experience and the technology that supports it, Swiggy is definitely one to watch.


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