Workforce development, preparedness a must for post-COVID economy

(Talent Canada)

Digital talent will be Canada’s most critical competitive advantage.

The crucial success factor in this changing economy will hinge on our ability as a nation to continually upskill the workforce to meet the needs of tomorrow’s labour market. The strength and agility of our academic institutions will play a vital role in allowing our economy to adjust to the evolving nature of work.

Forecasting the course of this pandemic is far from certain, however, with adversity comes opportunities, and the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Talking Points:

These insights come directly from ICTC's President and CEO, Namir Anani. The impacts of COVID-19 on a variety of Canadian sectors have been less devastating – though still significant – when it comes to the digital economy. With reference to ICTC's revised labour market outlook, The Digital-Led New Normal, Namir argues that attention to workforce development, as well as policies that support Canada's wide-ranging digital economy, are of utmost importance if Canada is to rebound from the economic damages wrought by the pandemic. - Khiran O'Neill | email


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