Amazon’s Delivery Van Network is a Direct Challenge to UPS, FedEx and the USPS

Perhaps fitting on Prime Day, here's Jason Del Ray on the latest in Amazon's shipping and delivery aspirations:

As part of the launch, Amazon is also introducing its own Amazon-branded delivery vans that partner companies can lease, as well as uniforms that delivery partners can outfit their drivers with. Amazon claims that new partners can start up their business for as little as $10,000 — an amount that the company will reimburse to businesses founded by U.S. military veterans.


But at the same time, the introduction of Amazon-branded delivery vans and uniforms could lend credence to all the reports that Amazon’s long-term goal is to directly challenge the major parcel delivery players like UPS and FedEx. After all, typically the more volume of packages you have running through a delivery system, the more efficient that system will be.

It's nothing short of hilarious that Amazon is pretending like they're not trying to compete with those larger delivery players. Of course they need to say the right things in order to play nice with the folks that are still their vital partners, but come on.


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