George R. R. Martin Doesn't Need to Finish Writing the Game of Thrones Books

Emily Dreyfuss:

There’s no reason Game of Thrones can’t be like The Godfather or The Shining or Blade Runner or even Jaws. None of these offerings ruined the source material. None of them ruined the stories that came before.
There’s this notion that whatever came first—a book, a film, a TV show—has to be the sacred writ of any major pop culture property. That’s simply not true, especially in the case of Game of Thrones, where the global phenomenon has largely been about HBO’s series. 

I agree with this take. A Song of Ice and Fire will always be George R. R. Martin's, but Game of Thrones has grown beyond him. And that's okay. James Bond is now long beyond Ian Fleming. All those superhero films everyone loves are far beyond their original comic book creators. Etc. 


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