Bitcoin Core Developers Remain Adamant in Opposition to SegWit2x, Potential Showdown in November

As probably you already know, two weeks ago a fork of Bitcoin appeared: Bitcoin Cash. Well, in November maybe we will have a third one!

The problem here is the same as always: the size of the block. This size defines how many transactions fit in a single block, so it's one of the few parts of the bitcoin protocol that the core developers can tweak in order to allow more transactions per block. Right now a bitcoin block has a limited size of 1mb, and the Bitcoin Core developers have been historically against larger blocks. Their solution to fit more transactions was SegWit, that it was activated a few weeks ago. On the other side, we have the already forked Bitcoin Cash without SegWit and with 8mb blocks, and SegWit2x a group of people that want SegWit and 2mb blocks. SegWit2x was the result of the called New York Agreement, where some of the big companies in the cryptoworld agreed on activating SegWit and 2mb block within six months.

Until now, Bitcoin Core developers and SegWit2x supporters agreed, and they activated SegWit, but now it's not clear what is going to happen with the second part, the 2mb blocks, especially with SegWit2x supporters controlling 83% of the mining power.


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