Jonathan Goldhill - 4th Generation Inheritor, Coach & Author of Disruptive Successor [The Business of Family Podcast]

Jonathan Goldhill is an Experienced Coach to Entrepreneurs and Family-Owned Businesses. He states that the dwindling chances of multigenerational success are due in large part to the issues unique to family businesses that are often wrapped up in a tightly woven knot of unspoken plans.

  • Jonathan emphasises the importance of a family business archive as he does not know exactly how his grandfather's family business was shut down.
  • Business coaching is not about hitting a mass number of people, it's about the business of the family.
  • The blessing and curse of a trust fund: there's lots of misinterpretation of younger generations when they inherit that wealth
  • Hard work isn't always in the form of just long hours and physical toil, it comes from commitment and dedication to improve oneself and be better.
  • One of the downsides of being wealthy is that wealthy people can be very busy at the expense of spending time with children


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