Jif is rolling out a limited-edition peanut butter to settle the debate over the pronunciation of 'GIF' once and for all


Kudos to whomever at Jif who came up with this idea. The internet has long been divided over whether "GIF" is pronounced with a hard or soft "g" sound. Jif peanut butter is now saying it's a hard "g."

The GIF — or graphics interchange format, a file label for short animated clips — quickly became a staple of the internet after it was created in 1987. Over the course of more than three decades, GIFs have proliferated across social-media feeds, serving as their own type of internet lingo.
But all the while debate raged: Is GIF pronounced with a hard or soft "g" sound?
Now, Jif is taking matters into its own hands. The peanut-butter brand owned by J.M. Smuckers Co. is stoking the embers of the 30-year-old controversy with a tongue-in-cheek campaign intended to settle the pronunciation debate.
In advance of National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, March 1, the company is teaming up with GIPHY to sell limited-edition containers of peanut butter that swap out the classic Jif label with "Gif" and replace "7 g of protein" with "hard g pronunciation."


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