Selfies Don't Kill People

I really like this essay, and the positive counterargument to all those "Instagram is ruining tourism" articles that are making the rounds (case in point: All the tourist destinations ruined by Instagram this year).

No one has ever been killed by a selfie. A lot of people have been killed by stupid behavior. No beautiful destination has ever been ruined by an Instagram post. A lot of beautiful places have been ruined by irresponsible assholes. When it comes to social media’s impact on the outdoors, all of us are getting mad about the wrong thing. And that anger is one of the reasons why we have a problem.

I also tend to agree with (what appears to be) the unpopular opinion that it's fine to take photos and post them online...

When people get the opportunity to visit a really cool national park, or a field full of beautiful wildflowers, or see a neat animal, it is only right and normal that they want to document the experience and share it with their friends. Again, this is not a new phenomenon. Are Ansel Adams’s photos of Yosemite Valley really that different from every Instagram photo every tourist snaps in the same spot?


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