I hired a wife. And my career took off.


Further on the topic of childcare and working moms, in this piece by Chris Morgan, a lawyer and single mom of two, talks about how she 'hired a wife' to further her career, despite societal expectations.

What Luisa allowed me to achieve in just a few short months got me thinking about whether certain male lawyers had the edge over someone like me simply because they had wives holding down the domestic front. Perhaps the extra time and brain space that I just discovered was something they had all along.
Having that freedom no doubt enabled them to become laser-focused at work. They could avoid getting sidetracked with kid driving, feeding, clothing, and other time-sapping chores. They could work longer hours. And as a result, maybe, just maybe, they could advance more quickly than their female counterparts with families. Sure, this doesn’t apply to all men. But I suspect it may be true for many of them.

As I've said before, women are superheroes. More needs to be done to support them both at home and in the workplace, particularly mothers with infants and toddlers given the astronomical cost of child care in the United States. While progress has been made, there is still quite a bit left to do.


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