Eliud Kipchoge Dashes Past 2-Hour Marathon Limit In Assisted Event


Picture yourself at the gym. You’re energized, feeling loose and ready for a good workout. You get on the treadmill, ready to put in a few miles. You’ve started with a good warmup pace, maybe 6 miles an hour. Now you’re getting into it, and get to a faster paced maybe 9 or 10 miles an hour. Now, you’re really feeling yourself and say hey, let’s do this! You push the pace as fast as the treadmill will go, 13 miles an hour (4 min 37 sec a mile!) After a solid sprint - maybe a minute or two if you’re really motivated - you slow it back down to a more reasonable speed. Pretty good right? This week Eliud Kipchoge raised the bar. The Kenyan sprinter rewrote the history books when he ran a marathon (26.2 miles) in under two hours. That’s a sub-4:34 mile pace! For two hours straight! Most treadmills don’t go fast enough to match his marathon pace. A truly spectacular feat of physical and mental strength.


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