Adii Pienaar - First Generation Wealth Creator & Living Life Profitably [The Business of Family Podcast]

Adii Pienaar is the founder of three technology companies, two of which he’s exited so far to create first generation wealth for his family. A prolific reader, writer and maker, Adii brings a refreshing perspective to the way he views family, business and wealth.

  • A major transition point for Adii was moving from wealth generation to wealth maintenance.
  • The family office should always prioritize business ideas from the trustees.
  • It is important to sequence things, rather than doing two things at once and have none getting your full attention.
  • Every single minute of our day, we only have finite attention, time, and energy to do anything, so the decision to anything is costing us life.
  • To Adii's Children: Do the work, continue learning towards discovering who you are, and figure out how to manifest that in most of the things you do in life.


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