Farron: Unitary council ‘belongs in bin’


Politicians disagree about plans to replace Cumbrian councils with one or more unitary authorities shocker.

Aside from anything, there's some lovely metaphors in here.

Lib Dem MP Tim Farron? Not a fan:

“This would lead to local people losing control over how local services are run. We need to keep up the pressure so that the Government move the plan for a unitary Cumbria from their in-tray straight into the rubbish bin where it belongs.”

Labour peer Lord Liddle? He likes it:

“I realise that a lot of effort has gone into this Buckinghamshire case and that the Government will have an awful lot of their plate by the end of March, but for us this is an absolutely vital concern if we are to avoid major cuts in our services and to have an efficient local authority system in Cumbria”


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