Searching for Hidden Talent | Overview

Searching for Hidden Talent: Experience and Expertise in New Brunswick’s Cybersecurity Community explores the cybersecurity ecosystem in New Brunswick — a significant centre of cybersecurity activity in Canada — through the lens of cybersecurity labour demand and supply.

Study Context

Cybersecurity talent is in short supply in the global digital economy. By 2022, a worldwide cybersecurity labour shortage of 1.8 million workers is expected, with a corresponding North American shortfall of 265,000 people.

The demand for cybersecurity talent in New Brunswick is confirmed by the study’s key informant interviews and job postings:

  • 67% of the study respondents expected to expand their cybersecurity workforce in the next year
  • New Brunswick has a high volume of cybersecurity job openings compared to its population

General Study Findings

The cybersecurity industry in New Brunswick continues to gain international recognition as a well-networked and collaborative ecosystem, which is expected to continue its expansion.

The province’s cybersecurity ecosystem offers the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Public sector investment
  • Large industry players
  • High quality of life


  • Remoteness
  • High unemployment

In the study, industry experts praised New Brunswick’s dedicated organizations that play a hands-on role in workforce development:

  • Provincial colleges are receptive to industry feedback and agile in creating relevant digital tech curricula and innovative training, including internships and co-op student work placements.
  • Current academic efforts are graduating sufficient entry-level cybersecurity workers.
  • However, senior-level cybersecurity roles in the province are difficult to fill.

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