Firm 'hides' university when recruits apply

Deloitte hides the university graduates attendees in an effort to promote equality. I suspect this also comes from the fact that diplomas are not the best way to assess somebody's skills, especially when it comes to digital, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, empathy.

"Professional services firm Deloitte has changed its selection process so recruiters do not know where candidates went to school or university. It hopes to prevent "unconscious bias" and tap a more diverse "talent pool".

For next year's recruitment round for 1,500 graduates and school leavers, an algorithm will consider "contextual" information alongside academic results. It will take into account disadvantages such as attending an under-performing school or coming from a deprived area.

As an example, Deloitte says an applicant getting three B grades at A-level could be seen as "exceptional" if the average for their school was three D grades. There will be a "university-blind" approach to selection, so that the name of the university attended will not be known."


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