Mind Blowing Growth In Streaming Subs


I remember back in 2009 a colleague of mine at Dutch news title de Volkskrant started a streaming service for art house movies. It turned out to be too early. "I will never watch films on my computer" people said, and it flopped. Nowadays, everything streams. And streaming services are paving the way of paying for content in all demographies.

The top of the streaming services pyramid is either the the first-mover advantage (Netflix, Spotify, Tencent in China) or the power of size (Amazon). With 200+ million global subscribers, Netflix has capitalized on its position as the first and primary name in digital video streaming, with reach in 190+ countries, they can afford to make their own brilliant content (70+ original movies slated for 2021).

Amazon Prime’s position as the second most popular video streaming service with 150 million subscribers is thanks to the inclusion of this in membership to Amazon Prime, which saw massive growth in usage during the pandemic.

Disney+ launched late in 2019, but acquired a massive 95 million subscribers. Seems to me there is still plenty of room in this market and content is king again.


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