Tantan Responds - Promises Encryption


Last week's blog post about how Chinese Tinder-clone Tantan puts its users at risk by failing to use encryption generated a lot of interest on Reddit and ended up getting picked up by a few mainstream publications. Tantan's CEO was kind enough to respond (8 months after my initial attempts to contact his company), acknowledging the problem and promising to fix it.

I was really humbled by the interest and support in the r/China and r/Programming subreddits. Privacy seems to suddenly become pretty important to people once dating or sex is involved.

Josh Horwitz of Quartz took the time to look up all of banned Chinese words I found in Tantan's debug output and put together a fun post about the cheesy, insensitive and inappropriate things men say in chats. Go read it!

I tried unsuccessfully to get the Mainland Chinese media to report on Tantan's privacy leaks - since the people affected by the poor security are mostly there - by posting it on weibo. Let me know if you know a Chinese journalist who might be interested! 


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