Recent Reviews of Escape the Plagues

Here's what people have been saying about Escape the Plagues:

"I was impressed with Escape the Plagues. It made puzzle hunt-style play approachable for newer audiences, but no less fun for those more versed in the genre." —Room Escape Artist
“Escape the Plagues is a fun family game that helps connect an ancient story of oppression to the current need for activism. As someone who grew up Catholic, I very much enjoyed playing with my Jewish partner and getting to learn more about his culture.” —Risa Puno, creator of The Privilege of Escape
“Looking to creatively turbocharge this year's Seder? This is intergenerational Torah learning and a contemporary exploration of Jewish values at its best. I can think of no better way to innovate your Seder experience than through the lens of Tikkum Olam that is at the foundation of these playful puzzles.” —Rabbi David Leipziger Teva


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