Nike Anani - Building a Generational Bridge in African Family Firms

Nike is the founder and CEO of Nike Anani Practice, Ltd., in Lagos, Nigeria, where she helps second-generation family business members collaborate with the founding generation in an effort to build sustainable family enterprises in the region.

  • "In Nigeria, 90% of indigenous businesses are family businesses, but only 2% survive beyond the founder"
  • Nike is a 2nd generation family business owner, and she narrates how her father started the family business initially as a side-hustle.
  • "Family businesses are so key to the community, if they keep failing after a generation, then what's that doing to the economy?"
  • "You won't know what you want until you come together as a family, have open conversations, and plan for different scenarios. Get clear as a family on who you are, what your values are, the goals of the family, and the purpose of the family business."
  • Nike shares how she setup her Family Council, Family Office & overall Family Enterprise. How she has documented transition plans & now helps other families with the same.


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