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Google announces major shift away from precision-targeting of ads based on everything you do on the internet

Google is making clear to the online ad world that old ways of tracking users to target ads aren’t coming back. Today it announced that it was doubling down on its commitment not to use people’s browsing habits across the open web as targeting criteria for marketers using its popular ad serving software Google Ad Manager. It follows its announcement last year that it was going to phase out the usage of “third-party cookies"—tracking technology controlled by outside companies—for Chrome users.

But the future of online advertising is now clear as we move away from targeting people based on their browsing habits on the open-web and more towards the specific profiles people have on individual websites. In the near term look for marketers to scramble to figure out the best way to reach customers, and for companies that operated in the old way (think smaller ad tech firms) to either modernize or be left to perish.


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