(3.) OUT Magazine: Emma González, newsmaker of the year


Emma González, alongside her classmates who survived the Parkland shooting, have since created a national movement to change the country's conversation about gun violence and bring to the forefront issues facing communities of color. This profile talks about her activist work, and how she thinks about her own identity:

To González, identity is fluid and more encompassing than basic labels. “Identity to me means the way that you describe yourself when someone says, ‘Describe yourself,’” she explains. “If I were to describe my identity, I would say that I am half Cuban, I’m bald, I’m bisexual, I’m 5-foot-2, I like to write, I like to partake in the arts, and I like to crochet. I would hope that if I were introducing myself to somebody, through those things, they would be able to get an understanding of who I am.”


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