Jack Dorsey’s TED Interview and the End of an Era


Anna Wiener writes about Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, and whether he is capable of controlling the system he’s created. This is a difficult read, but very good, and important.

Listening to him speak at TED felt like witnessing the end of something: the end of the techno-utopian period when social-media architects could speak eagerly about democracy and openness, without also mentioning the potential for enabling authoritarianism. Perhaps, also, it is the end of the mythos of the young, brilliant, iconoclastic tech founder. As Dorsey pivoted from non-answer to non-answer, it was hard not to wonder whether, despite his appearance of media-savvy calm, he wasn’t in over his head. Since the 2016 election, it has grown increasingly clear that allowing young, mostly male technologists to build largely unregulated, proprietary, international networks might have been a large-scale, high-stakes error in judgment.


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