2) NY Times: Baseball icon Roberto Clemente’s number is off limits to most Latinx players in effort to honor his legacy


No. 21 is sacred in baseball, particularly to Puerto Ricans, because it was the longtime number of Roberto Clemente, the iconic player who hailed from the island. Of the 235 Puerto Rico-born players who have appeared in the major leagues since Clemente’s death 47 years ago, only 16 have used No. 21 — and none in the past five seasons. In the four decades since Clemente’s death, there has been no shortage of movements, campaigns and petitions to retire No. 21. The argument is particularly strong now, as the percentage of Latino players has swelled to nearly 30 percent in the major leagues, and it is even higher in the minor leagues. 

“No Puerto Ricans will use the number because of Roberto Clemente,” Carlos Correa, 24, the Puerto Rican superstar shortstop of the Houston Astros who uses No. 1, said in Spanish. “The way I see it: Roberto Clemente is a figure for Latinos just like Jackie Robinson was for African-Americans. Clemente didn’t just break barriers but inspired other Latinos to get into baseball.”


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