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The Perfect Blend

by Clay Lowe


Facebook users who quit the social network for a month feel happier

New research out of Stanford and New York University took a look at what happens when people step back from Facebook for a month.

The research team:

recruited 2,488 people who averaged an hour of Facebook use each day. After assessing their “willingness to accept” the idea of deactivating their account for a month, the study assigned eligible participants to an experimental category that would deactivate their accounts or a control group that would not.

Leaving Facebook correlated with improvements on well-being measures:

They found that the group tasked with quitting Facebook ended up spending less time on other social networks too, instead devoting more time to offline activities like spending time with friends and family

This seems a natural result to me. The question is, would you be up for the challenge? Or would FOMO get the better of you?


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