Core Product Value and Entrepreneurial Success

Must read for all entrepreneurs!

Core product value represents a solution a real problem that is valuable enough to cause people to want to pay for a product. Core product value is first recognized when the customer connects with the product in an A-Ha moment. Core product value is an essential element of product/market fit which is a broader concept that requires additional elements. 

Finding a new source of core product value is: (1) very hard to do and (2) a rare event. As context, there are roughly 5,000 seed stage startups a year and only 800 of them raised a Series A round in 2016 reported Mattermark. Why do so many startups fail to successfully raise an A round? There are many reasons for this but most often it is because there is insufficient confidence among investors that the business has found or will find core product value or product/market fit.


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