Cable Is Losing The Battle Against Netflix and Chill

As viewers flee traditional TV for streaming-video services like Netflix and Hulu, the cable cord-cutting is growing at an unexpected pace. Cable and telecom companies (Charter Communications, Comcast, Dish Network, and AT&T) lost hundred thousands of customers over the past year, as highlighted in their Q1 earnings reports, meanwhile Netflix quietly increases its monthly subscription fees to $13.99. The future of television programming seems to be up for grabs as Amazon Prime boasts 100m paying subscribers, Youtube TV, Facebook and Apple streaming services are all increasingly taking away market share from cable providers. Good news for you, cable prices will continue to drive down as the competition increases among all the entertainment providers.

Companies mentioned (performance in YTD): DISH (-30%), CHTR (-18%), CMCA (-20%), AMZN (+35%), GOOGL (-0.23%), AAPL (+9%), NFLX (+67%)


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