Is Peak TV Slowly Killing TV Critics? | Vanity Fair

Nicole Sperling:

According to Daniel Fienberg, the president of the Television Critics Association, the organization currently includes approximately 240 members, which is up only about 5 to 10 percent from five years ago. The biggest shift he’s seen is not a change in numbers but rather a move away from dedicated critics at print publications to “diversely tasked writers and producers at a wider variety of online outlets,” he wrote in an e-mail. He added, “I wouldn’t DARE speak on behalf of 240-ish critics, but I know that certainly I feel comparably bogged down from recent years. . . . The difference is the awareness that there’s no opportunity to catch up once you fall behind and the resignation that there are going to be very good shows that I won’t be able to see. That didn’t use to be the case. Any critic who didn’t watch The Wire 15 years ago was being willful. Today, it’s just a new reality of the gig.”

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