John Lasseter's Magic Formula For Creativity

Christian Sylt and/or Caroline Reid (unclear who actually wrote this post -- typical Forbes web nonsense, sorry for linking to their interstitial in advance, but the content is good) talk to Disney/Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter:

“I just love learning and finding things out. My wife always says ‘how do you know that?’ and I say I just read. I look things up. Thank god for Steve Jobs inventing the iPhone because to me 99% of what I use it for is not social media, texting or phone calls, it’s looking stuff up and reading. Wikipedia is my best friend. I love looking stuff up and reading.”

And this is probably how Jobs thought the iPhone would predominantly be used. (Remember, no third-party apps to start! And we all know Apple's social track record, so...) Also:

Lasseter adds that he “changed the name immediately from Disney feature animation to Walt Disney Animation Studios because I wanted everyone there to see that Walt Disney’s name is going to be on the front of this picture. I said ‘We have make films that are worthy of Walt and worthy of that name’.” It had the magic touch.


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