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Pop Loser #98

by Tyler Hellard


Everyone Is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now

We have created an amazing and insanely dangerous new technology. Of course its first popular application is porn. 

A redditor even created an app specifically designed to allow users without a computer science background to create AI-assisted fake porn. All the tools one needs to make these videos are free, readily available, and accompanied with instructions that walk novices through the process.
These are developments we and the experts we spoke to warned about in our original article. They have arrived with terrifying speed.

Fom Wired:

It’s a noxious smoothie made of some of today's worst internet problems. It’s a new frontier for nonconsensual pornography and fake news alike. (Doctored videos of political candidates saying outlandish things in 3, 2... .) And worst of all? If you live in the United States and someone does this with your face, the law can’t really help you.

And, of course, its second popular application is fucking horrifying. 

Some users in a deepfakes Discord chatroom where enthusiasts were trading tips claimed to be actively creating videos of people they know: women they went to high school with, for example. One user said that they made a “pretty good” video of a girl they went to high school with, using around 380 pictures scraped from her Instagram and Facebook accounts.


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