Yahoo is back! Well, back for your email data

The company still fighting for another chance at life, recently announced it will begin scanning through emails of its roughly 200 million yahoo and AOL inboxes for clues about what products people might buy. "Yahoo’s algorithms look for commercial emails and identify them using a database of commonly sent emails. The algorithms link certain types of emails to certain consumer preferences, and then place a “cookie,” a piece of tracking code, on that user’s computer to help advertisers show them messages in the future." The company wants to give advertisers an edge by identifying users who have bought certain products or services based on the receipts, travel itineraries and promotions in their inboxes.

How Yahoo plans to use the data from your emails:

  • Flight confirmation emails shows you are a frequent flier. Potential advertiser: a hotel chain
  • Auto-loan notifications shows you are car owner. Potential advertiser: insurance provider
  • Department store receipts shows you have a retail shopping habit. Potential advertiser: a rival department store
  • Lyft driver emails shows you are an independent contractor or self-employed. Potential advertiser: a tax-software provider

Companies YTD: Verizon (owns Yahoo) +2.7%


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