The Place That LeBron Calls Home

Probably too soon to share after last night's insane game 1 -- poor LeBron, now a mere meme -- but as an Ohioan, this post by Mark Titus rang true:

That’s exactly why his return to Cleveland in 2014 was so impactful. I didn’t care about whether he was going to finally bring a title to Cleveland. What I cared about was that, for the first time in his life, LeBron actually chose Ohio. He didn’t live here because he was born here or because a random NBA draft order sent him here. He lived here because he wanted to. The best athlete and one of the most famous men in the entire world was at the absolute zenith of his powers and could have chosen to live anywhere on earth, and yet he chose a place that’s a punchline everywhere else. He chose the place nobody EVER chooses. He chose the same place that I did.

And vanquished the "thes".


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