Bitcoin Terminology is Completely Broken

Clearer wording would make it a lot easier to explain Bitcoin and blockchain technology to the rest of the world. However, I think a lot of the confusion comes from the fact that Bitcoin is infrastructure yet much of the community pitches it as an end user product.  It certainly can be an end user product, just like end users could use IP addresses (the numbers that represent computers on the Internet) and TCP or UDP to send little packets of data back and forth. It's just not a very compelling user experience for most people.

It's great that people are interested in Bitcoin and how it works. It's certainly more usable and accessible to your average end user than most of the other infrastructure we build on. However, in the long term users shouldn't and won't need to understand how the underlying trust infrastructure that Bitcoin provides operates. They'll simply be able to use the killer apps built on top of that infrastructure whether they be payment, identity or something we haven't yet dreamed up. No need to worry too much about names.


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