The Battery Pioneer Who, at Age 96, Keeps Going and Going

Sarah McFarlane:

But developments in batteries have been limited since Dr. Goodenough helped invent the lithium-ion battery in 1980. While there are already batteries that don’t use cobalt, none are as powerful as the lithium-ion version with cobalt.
Dr. Goodenough and his research partner, Maria Helena Braga, say initial research shows their battery potentially has double the energy density of the lithium-ion battery.
That means, for instance, that an electric car could drive twice as far on one charge versus the lithium-ion battery. This battery also increases in capacity over time, he said. Currently, the ability of batteries to store energy degrades with use.

While this all sounds far too good to be true -- a battery that increases in capacity with time?! -- it's still a worthwhile read about a fascinating individual (with a great, very appropriate name for his field).


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