We Are Already Living in the Future


The common thread linking these talks was the “exponential growth of new technology” and how it is changing the world. It is always inspiring for me to share insights about the impact of disruptive innovation with a broader audience. I genuinely believe in teaching as an exercise in “co-creation”. Last week, one issue became very clear to me: When we talk about new technology, we all tend to focus on how it will change the world (in the future). For instance, we try to predict the impact of artificial intelligence, robots and blockchain technology on our lives. But, in doing so, we often neglect how technology has already changed the world. The “gap” between the “world as we know it” and the “digital world” is rapidly closing. All of us are — to some extent — “Digital Natives”. We can no longer think and act using traditional models and concepts. We can no longer rely on traditional authorities. We should pay more attention to understanding how the future is already here. Yet, many of the changes that have already occurred are non-obvious and many people may not have even noticed them.


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