Let’s Talk About Bluetick, on Episode 448 of Startups For the Rest of Us


If you haven't already, take a half hour and give a listen to Startups For The Rest Of Us, Episode 448

In this episode, Mike and Rob have a really raw, candid conversation about root causes and possible solutions to the slow pace of growth Mike has been experiencing with his SaaS product, BlueTick

I share this for a reason…

(No, not just because they mention MastermindJam)

Being held accountable is a critical part of making -steady- progress in your business.

The dictionary says that accountability is “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions” [source: Merriam]

Another source defines accountability as: “taking or being assigned responsibility for something that you have done or something you are supposed to do.” [source: YourDictionary]

Let’s face it: we all encounter times when we need another voice to help us see the forest for the trees.

Accountability, then, is someone making sure you kept your promise to walk through that forest.

If you’d like to find a group and a system that helps you stay accountable, stop by MastermindJam.com and sign up to be notified when enrollment re-opens for Q3 2019. 

And yeah, this was cool...

Here's a short 90-second clip from this episode, mentioning the value of mastermind groups:


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