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The Unseen Forest

by M.G. Siegler


Humanity's HQ2

The Economist on the latest space race driven by the tech billionaires. In this case, Jeff Bezos:

Such advances might not just enable the settlement of space, but might be realisable only in space. The resource demands of a world where everyone can have everything they want would probably outstrip Earth’s material capacity. Space, however, holds a virtually unlimited supply of the raw materials needed for universal abundance. But intensive use of extraterrestrial resources on Earth could pose environmental hazards or nuisance costs that humans would lobby to prevent. And even nearly free resources would not enable 9bn people to live where and how they want. Not everyone can have an estate on the Californian coast.

It feels like there are a lot of ramifications of the "success state" of the latest quests in space that we don’t think or talk about. Like above, if we figured out how to mine parts of space to get basically unlimited resources, it would undoubtedly alter our view to put new, potentially immense value on other kinds of resources. 


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