Twitter's One Player NBA Cam

Back to more timely news, here's Kurt Wagner on a deal Twitter announced with the NBA at CES:

Instead of streaming a full game with all the players, graphics, and announcers, starting in February Twitter will stream the second half of some NBA games — yes, only the second half — but the camera will focus on a single player.
During the first half of the game — the half you can’t watch on Twitter — users on the social network can vote at the @NBAonTNT Twitter account on which player they want the camera to focus on in the second half — the half you can watch on Twitter.
Whichever player “wins” will be the sole focus of the second-half live stream, which the NBA is calling “iso-cam.” If that player goes to the bench or fouls out, Twitter users will see the regular game, but from a camera located behind one of the backboards instead of from the typical mid-court angle.

On one hand, I love this. Basketball, more than any other sport, is a game where you can wait to tune in until the 4th quarter and still get 99% of what you need out of it (as a casual fan). I also generally love the deals which make sure highlights can easily be shared on these networks in real time (which just drives people to want to tune in). But this is... weird? A little too clever.


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