Facebook Expands Into Customer Service Tooling


Facebook bought Kustomer, apparently for $1bn. Kustomer makes customer support and CRM that integrate into every possible social and ecommerce tool, so someone can WhatsApp you to check an order and you can actually answer. Chat apparently is a much better service model than email or calls for almost everyone and FB is trying to own it.

Meanwhile Snapchat acquired Voca.ai which offers “natural, human-like conversations that will leave you wondering if you spoke with a virtual or human agent.” The platform serves as a kind of triage system, which handles simple inbound queries, and then hands over to agents seamlessly for more complex issues.

When big tech buys self service customer service tooling companies, it means it will scale fast. By reaching a bigger public than ever, self service will be more and more accepted. Note to self: learn fast here.


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