Amazon's Revolutionary Retail Strategy? Recycling Old Ideas

I sometimes think that if you could look in the safe behind Jeff Bezos’ desk, instead of the sports almanac from Back to the Future you’d find an Encyclopedia of Retail, written in maybe 1985. There would be Post-It notes on every page, and every one of those notes would have been turned into a team and maybe a product.

That's the opening line from this opinion piece by Benedict Evans (who has a terrific weekly newsletter btw), a terrific look at the approach Jeff Bezos and Amazon are taking to retail. He goes deeper in to how Amazon, while having innovated on the "get something to the customer as fast as possible" logistics end of things, have not "changed what it meant to "go shopping" in the way traditional brick and mortar retailers of yesteryear did. "So maybe that’s the real test of Amazon’s pride: Can it work out how to let us shop rather than just buy?"


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