YouTube Will Soon Let You Pay To Remove Ads

_According to Bloomberg, it’ll cost $10 a month to rid the site of advertising._ This is one of the most important news in a while, possibly the beginning of a radically new way to approach client facing services on the web. Today, the dominant model we all know involves users paying with their data, seeing ads in exchange for free service. As concerns around privacy grow, as countries get [increasingly nervous]( about data leaving their national borders, it makes a lot of sense to start giving users the possibility to pay with hard cash in exchange for reduced tracking and profiling. This will be extremely interesting to follow, as what happens on Youtube might just be Google's way to test the viability of such a model before extending it to all its other services. What's also interesting is that, when and if these companies come up with paying services, they will put a price on privacy in the process. [Estimates]( show that Google makes around $50 per user per year, while Facebook is closer to $9. Will that be the price of using these services in the future if you want to safeguard your privacy? If that's the case, would you pay? Philosophically, what does it mean to go from a world where privacy is granted at birth to a world where you have to pay to preserve it? _Note that, in the above announcement, Youtube talks about the price increase, but not the should-be-corresponding tracking/profiling decrease._


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