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Top-20 Metaverse heroes who inspires the hope in a new innovation cycle.

Thanks to Jamie Burke and other open Metaverse / Web3 leaders. There is Metabook top-20:

  • 1. Tal Eliashiv. Managing Partner at SPiCE Venture Capital
  • 2. Bill Tai. Metagood founder.
  • 3. Matthew Ball.
  • 4. David Namdar.
  • 5. Jamie Burke (and the entire Outlier!)
  • 6. Chris Hitchen. He invested in more than 100 startups and worked as venture partner with VC funds EQT Ventures, Project A and SquarePeg Capital prior to establishing Inventures, the Inventures Collective and now Possible Ventures.
  • 7. CZ. Binance founder.
  • 8. Hrish Lotikar. CEO at SuperWorld. Ex-Global Evangelist at Toptal (backed by Andreessen Horowitz, this company now is hiring thousands of IT/marketing profs).
  • 9. Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon founder
  • 10. Alesis Ohanian, Reddit founder, his new fund is focused on this area.
  • 11. Brendan Wallace
  • 12. Brendan Blumer
  • 13. Bryan Feinberg, Plato / W3 Networks
  • 14. Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint
  • 15. Kathryn Haun
  • 16. Gigi Levy-Weiss, NFX
  • 17. Jeff Jordan (Andreessen Horowitz)
  • 18. Fabrice Grinda
  • 19. Niko De Jonghe
  • 20. Sheridan Tatsuno.

Metabook will return Johnny Depp, to return the hope to the market

Metabook's Rating Methodology, based on Cycle of Market Emotions, has the answer to the market crash situation.

Toxic people. They make problems for good people. It is right in the Depp - Heard case, it is right in the markets crash situation.


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