Amazon Is Ready to Take on Apple and Spotify in Music

Lucas Shaw:

The company says it’s targeting a different consumer than Apple or Spotify Technology SA. The average Amazon shopper is a little older and less focused on hip-hop and R&B. Amazon users are just as likely to crave jazz, country or music for their kids. The California rock duo Best Coast recorded a kids’ album solely for Amazon, while August Greene, a trio including jazz pianist Robert Glasper, released an album exclusively on the service.

This makes total sense. Amazon doesn't have to go toe-to-toe exactly with Apple and Spotify because the use-cases (and perhaps demographics) are undoubtedly often different for their music service.

Yet Amazon says it will stand apart because its service is tailored for people listening on a speaker rather than on earbuds. Users can just ask Alexa to add a song to a playlist or request a song they haven’t heard for a while. Major record labels are letting Amazon offer a lower-priced, speaker-only version of the service at $3.99 a month. Competitors are $9.99.
“We’ve been talked about frequently as one of the future giants of music streaming,” Boom said. “Those days are now behind us. You can refer to us in the present tense.”

I don't know what percentage of my music consumption now happens via the "Alexa, put on some _____ music" command, but it's very high. Voice is just such a great interface for playing music. And Amazon is winning in voice.


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