WTF? What’s The Future?

Really liked the simple framing of this post by Tim O'Reilly, which was a capture of his recent talk at the White House Frontiers Conference. Being scared of technology is as old as technology itself. And while it's good to be mindful of the changes happening, I think it's folly not to look to the past to see all the great -- great -- consequences of technology over time. 

As O'Reilly notes:

But those weavers couldn’t imagine that their descendants would have more clothing than the kings and queens of Europe, that ordinary people would eat the fruits of summer in the depths of winter. They couldn’t imagine that we’d tunnel through mountains and under the sea, we’d fly through the air, crossing continents in hours, we’d build cities in the desert with buildings a half mile high, that we’d put spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter, that we would eliminate so many scourges of disease! And they couldn’t imagine that their children would find meaningful work bringing all of these things to life!


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