Report of the Steering Committee on Air Pollution and Health Related Issues by MOHFW

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released a report in 2015 which included a comprehensive review on ambient and household air pollution and related health effects. The report concluded that there is robust evidence for “continued wide-spread prevalence of health-damaging exposures from urban emissions and solid fuel use for urban and rural populations respectively, across all states.” 

In terms of the disease burden associated with air pollution exposure, the committee concluded: “There is a now long history and a substantive volume of studies in India that have examined the health effects of ambient and household air pollution. While there are some critical gaps in the literature (such as the paucity of exposure-response or cohort studies), the comprehensive evidence on the prevalence of health damaging levels of exposure (Chapter 3) and the comparability of available study results to the global pool of evidence (this chapter) argue for imminent action on both ambient and household air pollution.” 


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