Still Alive

Yeah, Michigan was eliminated in the Sweet 16 by Oregon last week -- another great game, losing by one with a shot to win it at the buzzer -- but to follow up on their incredible run, I wanted to link to this post by Forward Moe Wagner on the team. It's his first-hand account of what happened when their plane flew off the runway.

Mark and Tyler, thinking quickly, open the emergency doors on both sides of the plane. And man … it’s crazy. I’m pretty much running for my life. We evacuate onto the wing, while the plane is still moving. (Like, with the engine still going and everything.) Then we climb off (only a few feet, without the wheels) — and, as soon as we hit the ground, we straight-up book it. I’m telling you: We’re sprinting as fast as we can, as far away from that plane as we can get.
And then, for the next hour or so, we’re all just sort of … there.
It turns out you can’t simply call an Uber after your plane crashes. So we’re standing around — you know, all 120 of us, on the runway — with this giant plane stalled out on its belly beside us. It’s almost like a beached whale. It’s surreal.

I love this post. It's not too polished, just raw enough. Has a voice. Another great example of the kind of stuff at which The Players' Tribune (disclosure: GV investment) excels. Thanks for indulging me :)


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