Robot Writers Working with Le Monde

How Le Monde used "robot writers" to cover the recent elections. 36'000 articles were generated automatically from data. _For both rounds of the departmental elections, we created local articles for 34,000 municipalities and 2,000 cantons, which would have been impossible to do manually. Before the elections, our robot writers had firstly created small articles to present key information about each municipality from Open Data from the INSEE and from the Ministry of the Interior. We then set up our organisational structure of one robot writer for the first round of the elections and a second for the second round. These robot writers presented the results by municipality and by canton as each result arrived in throughout election night._ The idea was not to replace humans, but to let them concentrate on higher level analysis: _“The journalists of Le Monde didn’t have the capacity to produce 30,000 articles for 30,000 municipalities in one night anyway. The automatically generated texts do not make claims to be political analyses. The newspaper's political correspondents concentrated on writing 98 election commentaries on the department-level results._


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