Techniques for Data Visualization on Mobile & Desktop

I remember sitting in a board meeting in ~2014 where a VC said "Mobile is huge—we need to make sure that our dashboards look great on mobile." Five years later, there are still very few dashboards that look great on mobile, and most of those that do are meticulously crafted by hand. In an increasingly mobile world, data is still something we largely consume at our desktops.

This post is phenomenal. It discusses the work required to effectively get a data visualization to work in both desktop and mobile contexts. Sometimes, the best answer is to produce an entirely different visualization to communicate the same data, as in the image above. Sometimes the best answer is to replace the dynamic version with an image.

The author discusses a variety of strategies, sharing examples for each. I've never before seen a post that treats this topic with such clarity and depth. Maybe this is why most of our data viz is still desktop only:

Making a data visualization look good and be effective on both mobile and desktop is one of the most difficult aspects of my work.


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