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"Experimenting with design, metrics and curation" - Sarah Ebner - The Telegraph

Sarah is head of email and editorial newsletters at The Telegraph and has these ideas about newsletters in 2021:

Newsletters have always been that strange thing – a hybrid of the old and the new; a relic of the first days of the internet and a focus for the 2021 iteration. I’m sure this will continue, but know that changes are ahead and think that next year, these will come particularly in experimentations with design, metrics and curation. I think design might become simpler, tying in with the focus on the “letter” part of the newsletter, to emphasise that one to one relationship. I also think there will increasingly be a pull between curation and personalisation and an issue of what is of more value to the consumer, including the issue (for big publishers) of whether you want that value to be more original content in the inbox or for your reader to click back onto the site. And I also think that people are coming to realise the importance of different kinds of metrics beyond open rate and click through rate – with the aim of giving a better view of retention and loyalty and so a much more effective idea of how to go about optimising your roster. 


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