Python at Netflix

We wanted to share a sampling of how Python is used at Netflix. We use Python through the full content lifecycle, from deciding which content to fund all the way to operating the CDN that serves the final video to 148 million members.

Great overview of what Python is used for at Netflix. The short version: a lot. Lots of software engineers are still "meh" on broad usage of Python because "it's slow". While there is a certain context in which this is absolutely a true statement, Python in large-scale systems is often used as a wrapper on top of libraries written in other languages (e.g. numpy, pyspark). This dynamic is why Python is becoming so popular as the "wrapper of all things". That said, it sounds like Netflix has invested in some high-performance applications written in pure Python:

Metaflow pushes the limits of Python: We leverage well parallelized and optimized Python code to fetch data at 10Gbps, handle hundreds of millions of data points in memory, and orchestrate computation over tens of thousands of CPU cores.

Fascinating overview of Python usage at a company that has made a massive investment in both internal applications as well as in the larger ecosystem.


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