Transactional Enchantment | Venkatesh Rao

The biggest risk in the weird new world is neither long-term security or short-term survivability. Those are important, of course, but moot if you become too disenchanted with the world to even get up in the morning and do something meaningful with your day.

The greatest endemic risk to the psyche in 2021 is not that you’ll end up on the streets next week or fail to fund your retirement in 30 years. The greatest risk is that you’ll feel so relentlessly battered by the weirdness all around that you’ll go numb and simply disengage from the world entirely today.

This is becoming increasingly common. It is getting easier and easier to become terminally, fatally, disenchanted with the world and turn into one of the walking dead, a zombie assemblage of functional but pointless Adult/Parent drives, until one day you fall down and can’t get up again because you don’t want to.


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