Upskilling Analysts

A few weeks ago, I got curious about how organizations can intentionally retrain analysts for data science roles. This post is the result of a few conversations with data leaders who have been there, done that, and my own research on the topic.

Really interesting topic. One of the most interesting things in data right now is (IMO) figuring out the right career path for a data analyst. One of dbt's main goals is to create another career path—the analytics engineer—that can be a source of long-term satisfaction and high salaries. But I 100% agree that data science is a legit pathway for someone with analytics skills who begins to ask where their career is going.

If you run a team and want to enable 1:N analysts to go on this path, the right answer isn't just "stick them in some Coursera classes and start having them work in Python." Read this post first.


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